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Planning overviews for Little Pippins Nursery and Little Oaks Nursery



Reception Onny

Planning Overviews for Maple Class (Lydbury R,Y1 & Y2)



Planning Overviews for Lime Class (Onny)


Planning Overviews for Beech Class (Onny)



Planning Overviews for Sycamore Class (Lydbury Y3,4,5 & 6)



Oak Class (Onny)



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Federation Rolling Plan

St Michael’s Federation Curriculum Statement September 2018

Our Creative curriculum is meticulously designed and planned to be inclusive to all our children; with skilled differentiation and challenge for all. Our core Christian values are at the heart of this and celebrated in our acts of worship-also threading throughout the curriculum as children explore half termly values throughout the school year

Respect and Tolerance


Empathy and Compassion

Trust, Justice and Forgiveness

Hope and Humility

Courage and Peace


Wisdom and Reverence


In the autumn 2018 the federation was closely involved with village commemorations of the First World War – in both Onibury and Lydbury North. The KS2 classes have been studying the war – alongside the values of courage, peace and hope. Each school leading a service of remembrance where the children’s writing and art work provided moving images and thoughts.

Our curriculum mapping has been updated with new rolling plans of themes that will inspire and enthuse the children that we teach (see KS1 and KS2 rolling plans) These themes are contexts for our cross curricula approach; with all subjects linking with the class topic each half term. A range of quality texts are chosen in response to the children’s learning needs and mathematical concepts are applied in other subjects to give the children interesting contexts to apply their learning.

The foundations of literacy and building blocks of mathematics are taught discretely; carefully planned for the essential next steps in each child’s learning.

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