In October we were lucky enough to be chosen for a national art project and  the school was visited, under tight security, by The Sunken Road In The Cliff at Varengeville, painted in 1882 by the great French impressionist Claude Monet. The children had been using Monet as a focus for their work during the Autumn term and it was a great surprise for them when the package was unloaded from the lorry and revealed.  As part of the art day held at Onny school the children from St. Michael’s Federation took part in lots of different workshops with the help of the staff from Walsall Art Gallary and culminated the day by running french style cafe for all the visitors and their parents who had come to look at their work. Please click this link for a short film Monet.

(photograph copyright Craig Holmes – Partnership The New A A Gallery, Walsal).

In January we had  visiting artists in school working at telling stories through art.  The children spend half the day with a story teller and the second half creating pictures through silk painting of Monet’s painting The Sunken Road In The Cliff at Varengeville from different perspectives.